Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program Plus Live Coaching

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Get ready to accelerate your copywriting success...write bigger winners faster and more often...and master the secrets of what's working NOW to maximize profits. In this complete virtual program, Kim reveals her own system for writing successful controls from start to finish. Not only will you receive videos of Kim's full-day Copy Intensive at her recent Copywriting Velocity live event (including a breakdown and analysis of one of her current joint supplement controls), you'll get the complete set of 146 detailed slides from Kim's presentation packed with real-life examples. You'll also get audio recordings of Kim's recent Copy Mentoring training on writing Headlines, Leads, Fascinations (including 27 fascination formulas), Offers & Closes, and a start-to-finish breakdown of an anti-aging supplement control, plus detailed slides for each presentation. Also includes an audio recording of an exclusive interview Kim did with Green Valley Natural Solutions founder and copywriting legend Lee Euler. Note: Everything will be instantly available to you in downloadable digital files; this is not a physical product. PLUS you'll get to join Kim in 4 LIVE group coaching calls (upcoming 2019 dates: 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, and 6/26). Each call starts at 2:00 pm ET and goes 60-90 minutes (you'll get full access to the call recordings after each group call). Planned special guests on the calls include the same guest speakers from Kim's live event in March 2019: Richard Armstrong, Carline Anglade-Cole, "Big Jason" Henderson, and Lori Haller. You won't want to miss this amazing line-up!