Fast Track to A-List -- Regular (Pay Upfront Option, already have Copywriting Velocity)

Fast Track to A-List -- Regular (Pay Upfront Option, already have Copywriting Velocity)

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All the details are here:

You’ll complete an intake survey and get a coaching call with me to kick things off.  Once you sign up, you'll get an intake survey which you'll complete and return to me, along with 1-2 of your best copy samples (if you have them). We'll then get on a 30-minute one-on-one call to review your goals

You’ll participate in group mentoring calls TWICE each month. Each call will last 60-90 minutes and will be recorded (with audio and video files provided to each member).  In each call, we'll do some or all of the following:

      -- Hear me analyze and breakdown a successful control, with emphasis on a specific topic we're focusing on in the call (for example, my research/"big idea" process, headlines, leads, fascinations, etc.);  you'll receive a PDF or other digital copy of the control promo in advance so you can review it

      -- Review and discuss each participant's copy exercises; each month there will be 1-2 practice assignments focusing on one aspect of writing copy for a promo; you'll be strongly encouraged to complete them and turn them in to me in advance of the group mentoring call  where I'll go over it

     -- Have the opportunity to submit your copy for a live critique or feedback from me during the group mentoring call (depending on what else we're covering and the length of the promo)

    -- Discuss client and business-building challenges and strategies, and other freelance business advice and problem-solving in training, Q&A's with Kim, and "hot seats" where members get a chance to focus on a specific problem they're each facing and get advice from Kim and other members

You’ll be presented with periodic copy assignments from actual clients--these will be optional and likely on "spec", but if used will result in your getting paid and potentially receiving future work

You’ll become one of the “go-to” copywriters to whom I refer potential clients for paying projects I can’t fit into my schedule or feel aren’t right for me—without paying me any referral fees

You’ll be on my short list when I need to bring in copywriters to help me on projects, giving you real-life experience working side-by-side with me (and getting paid)

You’ll find yourself a “copy buddy” (maybe a few) from the other members of the group—together you can read/critique each other’s copy and get better together

You’ll get to attend a "Fast Track to A-List" mastermind meeting at the end of our 10 months together--this will likely be before or after the Copy Chief Live event held in late October; we'll celebrate your success and growth, and in live "hot seats" help develop a plan for where you go next