Kim Krause Schwalm's Girl on Fire Book 2018

Girl on Fire Book 2018

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In this eye-opening and inspiring book, you’ll discover 6 surprising secrets to finding new clients, breaking out of ruts, and getting “un-stuck” from copywriter and marketing consultant Mandy Marksteiner…the fastest way to become an authority in your market from copywriter and book-launch strategist Deborah Owen…the one thing you must do to get moving towards any major life or business change from entrepreneur and marketing strategist Jenny Thompson…3 radical steps for kickstarting your creative fire from storytelling and content strategist Jenny Sjolund…why tough times can actually make your business more successful from blogger, author, and publisher Daisy Luther…how to kill procrastination and go on to achieve amazing things from copywriter, storyteller, and adventurer Molly Pearson…and much more from others, including copywriters Tara Waechter, Suzanne Hamilton, and Steffi Baker, actress Heidi Kerring, and even Kim Krause Schwalm’s dog Pearl!